Secure Mobile Banking with Biometrics Webinar

4 Fingers Are Better Than One

David van Damme
Business Development

Dr. Asem Othman
Biometric Scientist

The mobile industry is constantly evolving, particularly when it comes to what we are able to do with our devices. No trend highlights this better than the innovations occurring in mobile banking. However, the biggest challenge facing companies in mobile banking is how to secure user data and financial transactions. Dutch-based mobile-only banking firm bunq is on the forefront of this emerging industry, and has chosen to secure mobile transactions with biometrics.

Join bunq’s David van Damme and Veridium’s Asem Othman as they discuss how biometrics are being used for mobile security today, whether or not existing solutions go far enough to protect our data and identities, and why bunq chose Veridium’s 4 Fingers technology for its own mobile app.

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