Ready, Set, Authenticate: Password-Free Security for Citrix Login

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Craig Hinchliffe
Principal Product Manager

Ross Penny
Global Head of Sales Engineering

A mobile workforce is not easy to manage. Employees expect instant, friction-free access to corporate resources across any location, network, or device. And as an employer you want your people to be as productive as possible.

In an enterprise without borders, identity has become the new security perimeter and the Citrix partnership with Veridium is an innovative new approach. A password-free biometric authentication platform. No passwords, no swipe cards, no tokens. Just you and your smartphone for seamless and secure access.

Not only is biometric authentication more secure, but it eliminates the costs associated with tokens and password resets. At Microsoft, they spend over $2 million in help desk calls a month changing employee passwords! Too much.

In this webinar you will learn how to

  • Enable secure passwordless logins to Citrix environments with any smartphone
  • Reduce the risk of data breaches by eliminating passwords
  • Improve the user login experience for Citrix end users with convenient MFA

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