Fact vs. fiction: Debunking biometric authentication misconceptions

Professor Stephanie Schuckers, Clarkson University
Asem Othman, Biometric Scientist, Veridium

Biometric authentication has been billed as the technology that may eventually replace passwords. But the C-suite, security professionals and rank-and-file employees all harbor different concerns about how biometrics are collected, stored and used.

In this webinar, Asem Othman, Biometric Science Team Lead, at Veridium, and Professor Stephanie Schuckers, Director of the Center for Identification Technology Research at Clarkson University, will explore some of the common misconceptions around biometric authentication and separate fact from fiction.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Techniques used to spoof biometrics, such as presentation attacks
  • Best practices for securing biometric data
  • Why stolen biometrics are harder to use in attacks compared to stolen passwords

Watch the Webinar

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