Beyond Touch ID

Webinar on Demand

Dr. Francis Mather
Director of Computer Vision

Dr. Asem Othman
Biometric Scientist

Mobile Fingerprinting & Advances in Biometrics
Fingerprints are an easily accessible biometric on most newer mobile devices. Thanks to Apple, millions of people are using Touch ID.

As the field of mobile biometrics advances, new methods are being introducing beyond Touch ID, like finger-photo recognition for contactless fingerprint capture. High-quality rear-facing cameras make it possible to capture your fingerprints visually, without any additional hardware. This method increases overall security because it is extremely hard to spoof.

In this webinar, we discuss 4 Fingers TouchlessID and analysis of the science behind it, as well as some of the real-world applications and benefits for biometric authentication.

Webinar on Demand

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